For four generations we have distilled a variety of fruits. The apples and pears come from old mixed orchards; prune-plums and yellow plums follow them; the raspberries as well as the Black Forest cherries are all local. The most complex fruit to distill is the Williams Christ pear. It, along with the yellow plum are our clients’ favorites.

Yet hardly anyone knows about the selection process that goes on before distilling can begin. For the Williams pear schnapps, the fruit is harvested in a very ripe state, the stems are removed and the fruit is inspected by hand. This labor and time intensive process is hardly possible today. But the great effort is rewarded with its special aroma.

Our distilled products can be purchased at any time in the restaurant, shop and camping office.

We distill the famous Black Forest Kirschwasser as well as plum, apple, pear, Williams, raspberry and tormentil brandies and eaux-de-vie.

We can also fill the traditional Black Forest bottles or colored glass bottles as gifts.

A little drop after a good meal in our restaurant does you good!